May it be played by your sound system or played live, these 10 great Halloween songs never die. I personally never failed to hear at least one of these songs whenever I attend a Halloween party. It’s like a Halloween party is not complete unless you hear one of these best Halloween songs of all time. I’d be listing down these 10 great Halloween songs here but it’s not ranked because for me they’re all number one!

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So whether you’re in a search for songs for Halloween party or simply in search of songs about Halloween then I’m providing you 10 of the creepy Halloween songs. Enjoy!

1. “Halloween” – Harold Budd & Robin Guthrie

Mysterious Skin soundtrack

Okay this song really gives me the creeps. This one really is a spooky song for Halloween. Since the release of the movie, Mysterious Skin back in 2004, the soundtrack Halloween from the movie became a part of most Halloween themed parties. Even the movie itself is a must see if you haven’t seen it yet. So if you’re looking for songs for Halloween you better include this in your list.

2. “War Pigs” – Ozzy Osbourne

One good song for Halloween

One of the greatest Halloween songs is sung by the prince of darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne together with the Black Sabbath band. The song can be found in one of the Black Sabbath’s album Paranoid and in Ozzy Osbourne’s compilation, The Ozzman Cometh. It’s basically an anti-war song but you have to agree with me that this song, with its beat and rhythm, is one of the best Halloween party songs.

3. “The Magic of Halloween” – John Williams

Soundtrack of E.T. movie

Who could ever forget this one? This is one of the best and classic works of John Williams. Definitely a perfect Halloween music specially for kids’ Halloween parties.

4. “This is Halloween” – Danny Elfman

From Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

Another OST from The Nightmare Before Christmas, the song This is Halloween makes its way to be one of the greatest Halloween songs. This Halloween song was released back in 1993 but still lives up to its reputation until now. Don’t forget to include this on your Halloween songs list.

5. “The Scream On Halloween” – The Browns

OST from Prom Queen Massacre

Another nice song for Halloween parties (but not for kids’ Halloween party) that you could play while your ghoul and zombie guests are booing and groaning like crazy.

6. “Halloween” – Sonic Youth

Another Halloween song

This one is actually a split singe of Sonic Youth with Mudhoney’s Touch Me I’m Sick that’s why if you search for this song it’s sometimes entitled as Touch Me I’m Sick/Halloween. This was released back in 1988 and still makes it to almost everyone’s Halloween songs list for being a creepy Halloween song.

7. “Dragula” – Rob Zombie

A scary Halloween song

From Zombie’s Hellbilly Deluxe album in 1998 which was a huge success. Dragula is one of its hit singles and it’s been famous for being played in Halloween themed parties too. By looking at the video, just look at how spooky and creepy it is.

8. “Time Warp” – Richard O’Brien

From The Rocky Horror Show

Part of Act I of The Rocky Horror Show which is a British horror comedy stage musical. Being derived from the said play, The Time Warp makes it an excellent Halloween song.

9. “Monster Mash” – Bobby “Boris” Pickett

One of the most famous Halloween songs

This was released way back in 1962 and it’s still alive and kicking until now. It’s such a great Halloween song that it even made it to the number 1 spot in the Billboard Hot 100. Ever since, it’s been one of the Halloween songs favorites.

10. “Thriller” – Michael Jackson

Halloween song? Thriller is suggested by many!

If you ask a random question to anyone “Can you name one Halloween song?” you can’t expect everyone to answer Thriller but it’s going to be the answer of the majority. Need I explain further why this song is included on the list? Come on! It’s THRILLER by MICHAEL JACKSON! The most famous Halloween song in the history.